Map Unit: 33 FRELSBURG CLAY, 5 TO 8 PERCENT SLOPES Description Category: PHG 7B - SLOPING HEAVY CLAYEY UPLAND - Deep and very deep heavy clayey uplands with slopes greater than 5 percent; dense clayey subsoils; medium to high natural fertility; seasonally wet or droughty; Very high to high water holding capacity but poor to fair plant-soil-moisture relationship; medium production potential.
Description Category: SOI
The frelsburg series consists of very deep, moderately well drained, very slowly permeable calcareous, very gently to moderately sloping soils of uplands. The soil formed in from calcareous clays and marls. In a representative profile, the surface layer is very dark gray clay about 8 inches thick. From 8 to 36 inches the soil is dark gray clay. From 36 to greater than 80 inches the soil is clay in shades of brown and gray.